About me

My name is Antonio Lorente, I was born in Almeria a city located in the south of Spain. From a young age my passion for art made me realized that this was the path that I was born to follow. My true interest lies in illustrations and my work has been recognized in various magazines and books in Spain.

For the past two years I have been living in London, and embracing the city's vibrant culture, full of diversity and innovation. London's leading-edge arts scene is where I have been developing my career and establishing myself as an illustrator.



  • +34 619 20 09 27

  • antonioilustrando@gmail.com


  2011 Student Exchange Programme. University of Porto.Portugal.
  2010 Bachelor's Degree Fine Art and Design. Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).
  2016 Art Residency "Emprende diseño", Matadero (Madrid, Spain).
  2016 Illustration Award HICHAE, Hispanic International Art Contest (Las Vegas,NV. USA)..
  2015 Illustration Award Argaria, 2º best illustrated book (Almería. Spain)..
  2015 Hunter, Gallery 291est (Rome. Italy).
  2014 I need a Hero, Gallery Tower47 (London. U.K).
  2013 Imágenes de un siglo, La Térmica (Almería. Spain).
  2012 Ilustres Ilustrados, House of the Cinema. (Almería Spain).
  2016 Emerged to establish, Krausen Gallery (New York, USA).
  2015 HICHAE, Hispanic International Art Exhibition (Las Vegas,NV. USA).
  2014 Hansel & Gretel ,National Library of Spain (Madrid Spain).
  2012 Fronteras, Taller26. (Madrid Spain).
  2012 CromaFest, international animation and visual effects, (Mexico).
  2011 Festival Incubarte, French institute, (Valencia,Spain).
  2011 Incubarte's festival, Showroom Magatzems, (Valencia,Spain)
  2011 Incubarte's festival, Gallery Clínica Mundana, (Valencia,Spain).
  2011 Incubarte's festival, Gallery Arte&Facto, (Valencia,Spain).
  2011 Objeto em estudio, FBAUP´s Museum, Porto (Portugal)
  2010 Wago, dois culturas, dois momentos. Gallery da cocina. Porto's University Museum. Porto (Portugal).
  2009 Contra la violencia de género. Cam showroom. Orihuela (Alicante, Spain).
  2009 Tirant lo Blanc. Showroom of Valencia. Valencia (Spain)  
  2009 Fivars. Hotel Regine of Paris (France)
  2008 Bernia 2008. Miguel Hernández's University Museum. (Alicante, Spain).
  2008 Fivars montepego. Fivars Gallery. (Alicante, Spain)
  2008 Almería en Arte. Royal Andalusian School of Art (Spain)
  2007 Almería en Arte. Royal Andalusian School of Art (Spain)
    Cover “Uno Sputo di cielo” Carlo Deffenu. Watson Edizioni 2016 (Italy)
    Cover “Sad y el clan de los medio muertos” Carlo Deffenu Meracovia Editorial 2016 (Spain)
    Cover “Frankenstein Mary W. Shelley” Meracovia Editorial 2016 (Spain)
    Illustration published Vivienne Westwood "Hunter Magazine" March 2015 (Spain)
    Cover “Gata de Cabo” by Zaira Montes 2015
    Illustrations “La Princesa Aburrida” by M. Jesus Lorente 2015.
    Illustrations “Calles” by Pepe Pereza 2013
    Cover “Tinta de Limón” by Ángeles Del Pino 2013
    Interview “Personajes Ilustres del mundo ilustrado” 2012 (Spain)
    Cover “Croa magazine 05” 2012(Spain)
    Illustration Published, magazine “una buena barba” Madrid 2012 (Spain)
    Illustrations Published, magazine “Bombin cuadrado” nº9. 2012 (Spain)
    Illustration Published “Impresiones las justas” nº1 (Spain)
  2015 Ilustrations for FEAFES (World Mental Health Day 2015) (Spain).
  2014 Ilustrations for AEMA (Multiple Sclerosis Association of Almería) (Spain).
  2014 Illustrations and publicity for X-Tract company (Spain)
  2013 Illustrations and publicity for “Sunshine in a Cup” London (U.K)
  2013 scenography director for Anabel Veloso's company “ La generación del 80” Almería (Spain)
  2012 scenography director for the theater. “El sueño de Nayib” Almería (Spain)
  2012 Illustrator Conference “Santillana animación a la lectura” Las Marinas School, Almería. (Spain)
  2010 Animation and illustrations for “ San Carlos Awards” Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)